02 May 2014

New Publication: Criptiques Anthology

This past month, the new Criptiques anthology on disability has been published! I'm extremely excited to be featured alongside an array of incredible disabled writers and activists, all compiled by the kickass Caitlin Wood of Where's Lulu?

Here is the anthology's description:
Criptiques is a groundbreaking collection of essays by disabled authors examining the often overlooked, provocative sides of disability. Exploring themes of gender, sexuality, disability/crip culture, identity, ableism and much more, this important anthology provides much needed space for thought-provoking discourse from a highly diverse group of writers. Criptiques takes a cue from the disability rights slogan "Nothing About Us Without Us," illuminating disability experiences from those with firsthand knowledge. Criptiques is for people invested in crip culture, the ones just discovering it, and those completely unfamiliar with the term.

Not convinced? Here is the full table of contents!

  • "Introduction: Criptiques: A Daring Space" by Caitlin Wood
  • "Criplesque" by Elsa S. Henry
  • "Your Mama Wears Drover Boots" by Elizabeth J. "Ibby" Grace
  • "Droolilicious" by Leroy Moore
  • "Waiting" by Anna Hamilton
  • "Disability in an Ableist World" by Lydia Brown
  • "What Should You Call Me? I Get to Decide: Why I'll Never Identify with Person-First Language" by Emily Ladau
  • "Dreams I'll Never Remember" by William Alton
  • "Palsy Skinny: A Mixed-Up, Muddled Journey into Size and Disability" by Cara Liebowitz
  • "Brain Injury, Meet Disability Culture" by Cheryl Green
  • "Going Off the Communication Beaten Path" by Eva Sweeney
  • "The Visual and Political Implications of Using Frida Kahlo and her Artwork to Represent Disability" by Stefanie Snider
  • "Reflection Toward Practice: Some Questions on Disability Justice" by Mia Mingus
  • "The Wholeness Project" by Nitika Raj
  • "The Erasure of Queer Autistic People" by Alyssa Hillary
  • "Take With Food" by Cat Moran
  • "Beauty in Exile" by Riva Lehrer
  • "On Surviving “Little ‘t’ Trauma”" by Nina G. Comedian
  • "Preferred Provider" by Robin M. Tovey
  • "Disability Should Not Equal Poverty" by Danine Spencer
  • "Constant Dissonance: Our Noise is Dangerous" by Kay Ulanday Barrett
  • "What Bodies Do: Meditations on Crip Hatred, Elder Hatred, and the Vulnerable Body" by Rachel Cohen-Rottenberg
  • "On Radical Empathy and Schizophrenia" by Ben G. 
  • "The Reinvention of Self in the Context of Heteronormativity and Ableism" by Jen Rinaldi and Samantha Walsh
  • "Krip Power Through It: Disability Scholarship & Activism Helped Me Resign & Rebuild" by Bethany Stevens

Criptiques is available from Amazon and soon will be available in e-book format, too. Criptiques also has a Facebook page and a homepage at www.criptiques.com with further information.

Image description: Three pictures. Left hand corner is a stack of brown boxes with a blue Criptiques book lying on top. Underneath is a picture of the blue Criptiques book on top of a blue Criptiques shirt and black and white sticker and button. To the right is a large closeup photo of the Criptiques cover. Photo and description from Caitlin Wood.


  1. I am so excited about this book! But I have trouble reading physical books. When it is going to come out on Kindle?, or some other eBook format?