08 October 2013

Library Reject

So this is me every time I go to a library. 

Image description: It is a handrawn cartoon in black felt tip pen. The title says "Every time I go to the library: by Autistic Hoya." Beneath that are three columns. The panel in the first column contains a drawing of a young female-presenting person labeled "me" wearing a t-shirt and pants, with a bag slung over her shoulder, with her right hand in the air and index finger pointing upward, giving a big smile as she says "Check out ALL the books!" The panel in the second column contains a drawing of a young female-presenting person with curly shoulder length hair, wearing a turtleneck, sitting behind a desk with a Dell desktop monitor and keyboard and a little simmering anger above her head, labeled librarian, as she says "YOU HAVE THIRTY-NINE OVERDUE BOOKS. YOU OWE US $79.95. ALL UR MONNEHS R BELONG TO US." The panel in the third column is split horizontally. The first, top, one has the same person from the first panel with a sadface as she says, "Awww..." and then the second, bottom, one has the same person with her head planted on the desk, only hair visible, and her right fist there, as she says, "Damnit." 


  1. Me too. This happens to me too...

  2. Oh yea, I know that feeling. I love my campus library so much, it's huge and lovely and everyone who works there is great, but I'm SO BAD at keeping track of books.

  3. I feel like I drew this, it's so... me XD


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