23 August 2013

The White House | Keeping the Promise of the ADA: Unequal Justice for Disabled Victims of Murder

After last month's invitation to the White House to be honored as a Champion of Change on the anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, my post for the official White House blog is finally up for the public to see.

(Trigger warning for discussion of violence, murder, and ableist attitudes justifying murder.)

My favorite quote:
"As long as people like me can be killed for the crime of inhabiting atypical bodies and minds and as long as those responsible can escape any real consequences for their crimes, neither I nor my children nor my children’s children will be free to achieve equality of access and opportunity. The specter of violence remains an enormous obstacle to equal rights for Americans with disabilities. Until we begin to have serious discussions about the ramifications of violence against people with disabilities and what we can do to implement policies and foster communities that respect and affirm people with disabilities, these realities will remain ensconced in shadows."

You can read the rest here, but sadly, comments are not enabled over at the White House site.

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