24 January 2013

Two New Articles at Georgetown

This month I've had the honor of seeing my writing published in two Georgetown University publications, with one article published in the monthly magazine The Georgetown Independent and another published in the Voices section of The Georgetown Voice, our weekly newsmagazine. Here are the links to the online articles!

The Georgetown Independent
Disabled Hoyas Suffer from Prejudice, Not Impairment 
Last month, I received a thank you note from an Autistic alumna for my writing on disability. “If I had had people like you around when I was at GU maybe my experiences wouldn’t have been so bad,” she wrote. Some might wonder whether her experiences were isolated incidents, but interviews with several disabled members of the Georgetown community suggest that neither her nor my experiences have occurred independently of an environment that encourages and permits ableism. >>Read the rest>>

The Georgetown Voice
The wrong conversation about mental health and violence
Whenever a mass shooting or other act of horrific violence occurs, the mainstream media, political pundits, and members of the public are quick to jump to one of two conclusions—the perpetrator was either autistic or had a psychiatric disability. Aside from the obvious prejudice against disabled people that underpins either assumption, both of these conclusions are not merely wrong, but incredibly irresponsible and unacceptably dangerous. The vast majority of autistic people and those with psychiatric disabilities are not only nonviolent, but much more likely than non-disabled people to be the victims of violent crime than the perpetrators of it. When autistic people or people with psychiatric disabilities do commit violent crimes, disability is rarely a factor in the commission of the crime. These insinuations place autistic people and those with psychiatric disabilities at extreme risk for further victimization. >>Read the rest>>

I've also been featured in the news twice in the last month or so, so if you'd like to learn more about the protest of the Judge Rotenberg Center that Shain and I attended, check out Fox Boston's coverage here. Mother Jones also ran an article about the conflation of autism with violence post-Newtown for which I was interviewed, and you can see that article here.


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