08 September 2012

I'll be there... with a protest sign.

Image description:

Autistic Hoya Illustrated
(c) Lydia Brown 7 September 2012

Six panels arranged in two rows of three panels to each row. Two stick figures, one with short spiky hair and one with chin-length hair and glasses, both standing on grass, in each panel. Dialogue is as follows:

Spiky-hair: Hey, so I know you care about autism and I found out about this cool opportunity right here!
Glasses: Oh... uh... what is it?
Caption: How it begins

Spiky-hair: There's this group called Autism Speaks!
Glasses: ...
Caption: (with arrow) That is a facepalm.

Spiky-hair: They're doing this WALK for AUTISM!
Glasses: ...
Caption: And the facepalm continues.

Spiky-hair: Well I was thinking we'd go together! I'm gonna be there!
Glasses: Oh, I'll be there...
Caption: If only you knew, buddy.

Spiky-hair: Awesome! ...uh, why aren't you excited?
Glasses: I said I'd be there. I WILL be there...
Caption: You have no idea what you've gotten yourself into.

Glasses: ...with all my badass autistic friends... and our protest signs.
Caption: Which for us, is actually business as usual.


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