12 August 2011

Legislative Update: Autism Training Bill

A conversation with staff in Senator Jim Timilty's office two weeks ago revealed that the House Co-Chair, Representative Harold Naughton, has been out of the country on active duty throughout July (and perhaps in June as well.) At least, that's the impression I got from the conversation, which also noted that several Members are missing at any given time while serving in the armed forces. I was told that action probably will not happen until sometime in September, so we are keeping are fingers crossed--and those letters and calls going--until then.

Do feel free to write to your Massachusetts State Senators and Representatives urging support for S-1197 and H-2909. Even if your Senator or Representative doesn't serve on the committee, it can't hurt to spread visibility and awareness of the legislation and the problems it seeks to rectify--and to gain support for a potential vote later. Letters from Massachusetts residents are preferred, but out of state letters can't hurt either. During August, the Legislature is in a general recess, and will only meet informally in session. Little happens this month, but back to full speed next month!

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